Ascent… …through financial advisement

Ascent… …through financial advisement

Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory and Enterprise Acceleration

Companies seeking to become a new entrant into a market or to grow and develop in a current market have standard needs that are often poorly managed, resulting in slower progress and potentially business failure.  While inexpensive capital is forefront for every business leader, to be successful, all businesses need to be market-driven solving problems that are urgent, pervasive and for which customers are willing to pay.  Thus, market assessment including trends, problem verification and sizing (value to solve), competition and accessibility are key.  R5 advises in these strategic product management issues. 

Defining human and financial capital requirements, time to market, sales model/channel and partnership (development or channel) opportunities are other areas of R5’s expertise.   

The results of utilizing these types of services are a faster, more direct path to improved growth and profitability.

Specific capability and expertise brought to our clients under the umbrella of Strategic Advisory and Enterprise Acceleration services include the analysis and management of:

  • Capital needs and potential funding sources
  • Human resources (human capital, management team)
  • Market problems, trends
  • Partnership/Outsourcing opportunities – including joint venture, M&A and international expansion
  • Customer lifecycle, including customer satisfaction/advocacy
  • Supply chain
  • Competition
  • Risks
  • Brand development/re-alignment

Business Management Consultancy

R5’s methodology is to craft a business prescription delivered over a long-term relationship that goes well beyond the initial incubation and funding processes. Services include:

  • Corporate and business development services
  • Marketing strategy, planning and execution
  • Interim senior management
  • Executive team evaluations and candidate fulfillment support
  • Industry/market due diligence

Funding and Investment

Capital Raising and Corporate Finance

R5 provides early stage capital, successfully applied and enabled by the entrepreneurial experience of its partners, expertise in due diligence and long term relationships for capital sources.

Funding sources are accessed through R5’s worldwide funding partners.  R5 Limited arranges both equity and debt financing.  Over the last 15 years, the R5 team has focused its practice in natural resources, infrastructure and technology companies whose technology can be specifically leveraged within our client base. R5 strives to employ technologies with low impact on the global environment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Along with its global network of associated companies, joint venture partners and industry colleagues, R5 offers its clients a full spectrum of M & A consultancy and advisory services including:

  • long term planning and strategic alliances
  • joint ventures and consortium arrangements
  • technology and intellectual property transfers and exchanges
  • post-acquisition integration support

Fund Sponsorship and Management

R5 Limited actively advises third party investment funds in order to maximize the opportunities presented by the explosion in the global emerging markets, as well as sponsors, manages and administers our own home-grown specialty funds.  We traditionally invest in both public and private companies with each investment fulfilling a number of stringent criteria relative to liquidity issues and exit strategies to maximize overall capital preservation and appreciation.


Specialized Services


R5 has deep relationships in the “Military Complex".  This can be leveraged with our clients to further their growth goals into the defense industry.  Specific capabilities that can be leveraged by our clients include:

  • Cyber defense
  • Military technology sales and acquisition
  • Military supply logistics
  • Military supply infrastructure
  • Partnership development with defense technology firms both domestically (USA) and Internationally

Board Composition

In order to enhance portfolio company management, as well as oversight, R5 Limited may seek to obtain a board seat in its portfolio companies.  As such, either an R5 partner or a funding partner with particular expertise can fulfill a Board of Directors or Advisory Board seat with a company into which R5 has invested.

Our Team

Over time, R5 has built a team of competent individuals with long-term reputations for their knowledge, skills, past successes and an ease to work with.  We enjoy working with our teammates and our clients.  We and our clients respect one another for the intellectual capital, unique experience and work ethic that we each embody.

  • Kenneth Miller (1952 – Aug. 2021)

  • David Dunlap

    Managing Partner
  • Julian Henkin

  • Alexandra McOran-Campbell

  • Jonathan Joseph Ganjian

  • Audrey Peters

  • Murdoch W. Gillespie

    Senior Partner
  • Bruce Crager

    Special Venture Partner
  • Eric Giesing

  • Dr. Igor Minakov

  • Anna Astakhova

  • Dr. John Domenech


Our Clients & Partners

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