Gady Shlasky has an extensive experience of over 20 years in leading high-tech companies, both software and hardware, from early stage to business maturity success, mergers and acquisitions. He brings to any client or project creative, innovative and open-minded approaches and solutions along with integrated financial and business experience as his key skill sets.

Gady started his career in Hashavshevet, one of the largest software companies in Israel that develops ERP solutions. After 3 years, he became the head of the R&D department, and under his leadership the company developed new products for data-mining and prediction under the brand Wizsoft.

After 10 years at Hashavshevet, Gady moved to Micro Macro Technology, a company that developed hardware devices for software copy protection and user identification. After one year as VP R&D Gady became the CEO. As the CEO he reorganized the company, build a worldwide distribution channels and after 3 years sold the company to Aladdin, a US NASDAQ publicly traded company.  During the late 1990’s, independent of his full time undertakings, Gady became Impact Capital’s exclusive representative and strategic adviser to Israel and the MEA and consulted on many client projects on Impact Capital’s behalf.

In 1999 Gady established RegiSoft, a Delaware based company with R&D center in Israel, which was a pioneer in mobile marketing and advertising industry. RegiSoft’s platform turned the mobile phone into a new personalized media format capable of reaching end-users at the time and the place where they are most receptive. The technology was used by advertisers, advertising agencies, service providers, cellular operators and media groups globally.

In 2005 RegiSoft established POP Solutions, a Mobile Media agency with offices in Los-Angeles and New-York that offered Mobile Media and Mobile Marketing services to the US market.  Gady was the CEO of POP Solutions, and at the end of 2007 POP Solutions and RegiSoft have been acquired and merged into Ping Media Group.

Gady has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and economy from Bar-Ilan University, and a master’s degree in computer science from Tel-Aviv University.