Julian Henkin is a management strategist with a 35-year career of assisting businesses increase their value and achieve their goals. His expertise is in marketing efficacy, operational efficiency and customer advocacy-building. Julian espouses a business management concept, “touchpoint management”, a methodology to increase customer attraction and retention. Julian’s corporate posts have included the top executive roles in Marketing, Services, Product Management and President/Chief Executive. This diversity of experience provides Henkin with an unusual ability to view businesses and improvement strategies in a cross-functional, holistic way. He has consulted to and worked for both large and small companies, bringing both leadership and insight. Notables include Ask.com (search engine), IntraLinks (cloud-based file and information exchange) and Xerox Corporation.

Julian began his career with a clean energy and sustainability focus. He was awarded a degree from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley (Cal). He then worked for the U.S. Forest Service, the California Water Quality Control Board and the western utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., in an energy conservation group.

Combining his business skills with an environmental bent, Julian Henkin contributes great insights and operational acumen to R5 Limited and its clients.