Murdoch W. Gillespie has over 36 years’ experience as an entrepreneur launching and helping new businesses to grow as both a principal and consultant. In 1974, after service as an officer in the British Army, Murdoch emigrated to the United States where he established and managed Triangle Properties, Inc., a developer of warehouses and offices primarily in California. In parallel, with David Dunlap and another partner, he established a highly successful independent business consultancy which structured investment packages to raise finance and venture capital from both institutional and private sources for developing companies.

In 1990, after 15 years in the United States, he returned to the United Kingdom where as an angel investor, he gained a reputation for keen business analysis and the translation of disparate business ideas into meaningful financial forecasts and plans. Not only did this lead him into fund-raising for a number of start-up companies but also taking board seats. During this time, he gained a good background in creative structured finance or financial engineering.
In 1996 he joined the management team of Impact Capital, a spinoff of PVH Fund Managers Limited, an offshore fund focused on micro and small cap Regulation S investment transactions in the US. As a specialist in analysis with expertise in financial modeling and the creation of strategic business plans, Murdoch’s role was business analysis, the creation of strategic plans and interactive financial models.

When Green Ventures International Limited was formed by Managing Partner, David Dunlap, to develop run-of river, hydroelectric projects in Nepal, Murdoch joined the team working closely with the Nepalese and Indian engineers to develop the technical feasibility studies, detailed financial models and strategic plans needed to attract co-venture partners, private and institutional finance. These activities naturally led to a comparison between various renewable energy sectors and an examination of the possibilities of combining these different activities in one location with a view thereby of optimizing the investment and maximizing the returns.
Murdoch Gillespie graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and served as an officer in the British Army specializing in logistics and civil engineering. Most of his military service was spent in the Far East with H.Q. Land Forces, Hong Kong, the 48th Gurkha Infantry Brigade and the Commonwealth Infantry Brigade in Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore.